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AXIS END to END CCTV Solutions

AXIX Retail Solutions
Smarter retail makes the difference

Attract customers, optimize store layout, prevent shoplifting, reduce checkout lines, handling peak shopping periods… there are several concerns to operate as a retailer.

Smart technologies are designed to support you and give the consumer a greater, faster and safer experience when shopping.
Find the opportunities to increase revenues and shape the future of your retail store- all in real time.

Prevent shrinkage before it happens with smarter solutions that address shoplifting, internal shrinkage and suspicious behavior in real time.

Act on insights to enhance the customer experience via optimized staff allocation, improved store layouts and proactive in-store campaigns – every hour of every business day.

Create and maintain an environment where customers and staff feel safe – both inside your store and in its surroundings.

As the market leader in network video, our intelligent products and technologies have been designed to work seamlessly together – providing a complete package to help increase security and simplify day-to-day operations.  
Reliable and easy to use
AXIS Camera Station is a flexible, safe and reliable video management software with a clear, intuitive interface so any authorized person can manage it. And it’s easy to add new features and functions as your needs change.
For all your retail needs
Modern network video cameras with embedded analytics help you combat loss through detecting and deterring shoplifting, while also ensuring a safer environment for your staff and customers.

Stay safe and secure
With Axis, you get value for money and first-class support. You can rely on an
end-to-end solution delivering excellent performance.

Here’s how an Axis end-to-end solution can be used at a retail store:

Design - Sales - Installation - Test - Management

Wide camera portfolio for high resolution video with discreet designs that blend in with the environment. Cameras compatible with public view monitors for deterrence.

Use speakers for clear, live audio or pre-recorded messages to communicate with customers and staff to enhance store operations.

Alarm inputs from safe doors, panic buttons, and electronic article surveillance (EAS) system can be used to trigger alerts, recordings or audio messages.

Analytics give insights through highly advanced and powerful tools to minimize suspicious behavior and prevent loss 

Build your solution around our out-of-the-box network video recorders that come with AXIS Camera Station installed.

Easily manage staff access to store and restricted areas or remotely manage the entry of
visitors, such as delivery drivers.

See how Chemist Warehouse cures surveillance ailments with the help of Axis Communications

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