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Now available from MyMESS – AXIS Body Worn Cameras


This new range of body cameras from AXIS sets the benchmark for robust body worn cameras. Tough enough to handel any thing, yet feature a lightweight design that is especially suited for on the go applications.

Incorporating outstanding WDR with the ability to deliver over 12 hours of recording at 1080p, these body worn cameras provide very sharp images even in the most challenging conditions.

Zipstream technology optimises bandwidth allowing greater storage of video footage without compromising image quality.

The camera also includes dual microphones for outstanding audio quality and noise suppression.

Additional cutting-edge features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a GPS/GNSS receiver for location tracking and an accelerometer.

The docking station provides fast charging and data offload ensuring that the camera is ready for action on demand.

Utilising the standard ‘Klick Fast’ system offers a wide range of mounting accessories, making the system suitable for a variety of applications.

There is an exciting integration between AXIS and Milestone when the complete AXIS body worn system is purchased, This integration allows footage captured in the field to be quickly and easily viewed, exported, and shared through Milestone’s Professional Plus, Corporate and Expert platforms.

Ideal for local authorities, and larger private security workforces.

Contact the team at MyMESS.Online to discuss your operational needs and how a AXIS body worn CCTV solution can improve your security.

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