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Adapt to the NEW normal with intelligent technology

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As the pandemic starts dying down, countries and cities are re-opening in phases.
Within each phase, there are invariably social-distancing guidelines or even laws imposed by local health authorities. One of the challenges retailers currently face is managing their stores’ occupancy level and adhere to guidelines and regulations from health experts and authorities.

Occupancy compliance today
By combining network cameras with video analytics, retailers can monitor the number of customers in their stores at a single time and even display the occupancy information at the store entrance. Once a store’s occupancy reaches a certain threshold, a warning message can be displayed on a linked digital display or an audio warning can be triggered to remind customers to stay safe.
This intelligent network solution can help maintain a safe environment by regulating the number of customers entering a store, allowing staff to focus on customer service while remaining compliant.

Improved performance tomorrow
When the pandemic eases, the same technology can be used to analyse customer flows and identify peak visiting times. This can help to inform future decisions – such as store planning and effective staff allocation – and measuring the success of marketing campaigns.

Intelligent technology for a smarter, safer world
The current crisis has overturned old business practices. While retailers are quickly adapting to the new normal, it is important, now more than ever, to focus on innovative, dependable business solutions while at the same time ensuring customer safety as they shop.

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