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The Future is NOW!

AI Surveillance & Deterrence.

Intelligent detection & built-in deterrence

New VIP Vision™ Pro AI turret with siren & strobe light

Easily add alarm functions to your CCTV systems.

The new deterrence alarm turret dome combines AI perimeter protection & people counting with built-in siren / strobe alarm to deliver a comprehensive security solution.

Stay alerted & deter intruders in real-time. The deterrence alarm responds to recorder alarm events, activating the light and siren to deter & warn the potential intruder, while also notifying the user via mobile app. 

  • Automated Deterrence – Deter intruders during set hours of the day
  • Siren & Strobe – Customisable siren tone or recording plays on trigger
  • Alarm Events – Responds to tripwire, intrusion, motion detect. & more 

NEW – Pro AI Series 5.0MP turret dome camera with deterrence alarm
Active Deterrence – Built in strobe & siren that react to recorder events
AI Surveillance – People and vehicle identification via IVS & SMD+

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