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Insight Software End of Life Announcement

Insight Software Products 

End of Life Announcement

Inner Range have advised that all Insight Software products will move to end of life status from April 5th, 2021.  

This includes all additional Insight software licenses and software product keys (inclusive of dongles) for Insight Professional, Insight Express, Insight Monitor and Insight CMS.

As of April 5th, 2021, Insight products will no longer be available for purchase from Inner Range or Inner Range distributors. 

A Replacement for Insight Software 

The replacement for Insight Software is the Inner Range Integriti Security Management System. Many customers, large and small, have successfully and affordably migrated from Insight to the Integriti platform. The Integriti system is backwardly compatible with the Concept hardware (The system hardware used with Insight) making the migration to Integriti easy, efficient, and extremely cost effective – migrating is a fraction of the cost of an entire product replacement. **

For information on how to migrate to Integriti please contact Inner Range on the contact details provided below.

Inner Range: Ph +61 3 9780 4300 or email

**The vast majority of Concept LAN modules are compatible with Integriti Software and do not need to be replaced.  Concept Controllers need to be replaced with Integriti Controllers. For more information about upgrading please contact Inner Range Technical Support on 03 9780 4300

Technical Support

Inner Range is fully committed to supporting customers who have existing Insight Software.

➢ Technical support for current versions of Insight will remain available for a reasonable period of time after the EOL date, which is expected (but not guaranteed) to be approximately 2 years. There will be no further software versions, patches or bug fix releases for the product, noting that the last release was issued in July 2017.

➢ A quotation service is available for assisting customers in migrating from Insight to the Integriti product range – please contact the Inner Range technical support department for further details.

➢ The current version of the Insight technicians’ tool “Insight Installer” will remain available to Security Technicians after the EOL date and until further notice

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