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Wisenet X PTZ PLUS with AI Auto Tracking

Wisenet PTZ units are upto 65% lighter than most PTZ domes for easy & safe installation

Compact and approximately 65% lighter than most PTZ domes, the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras can be quickly and easily deployed, requiring engineers during a first fix to just ‘match 3 points and twist’. This conveniently enables them to tighten screws without having to hold onto the camera.

Installer Friendly

Unlike conventional PTZ cameras which require up to 5 separate cables, the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS only needs a single RJ45 cable to operate and this is installed with a flexible bush to ensure the camera is waterproof.

AI Auto Tracking

Wisenet offers object (person or vehicle) auto tracking based on AI deep-learning algorithm.

Exceptional Image Quality

Wisenet offers remarkable image quality for clearer and more detailed video with new in-house developed 30x/40x zoom lens.

Adaptive IR Technology

Wisenet offers optimized IR at every zoom ratio with monitoring in complete darkness up to 200m with Wise IR.

Built-in Wipers

Wisenet offers built-in wipers remove rain, sleet or snow and then activate a heater on the lens to dry any residual water.

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