My Moran’s Electrical & Security Solutions was established in the sleepy village of Illogan in West Cornwall in 2006.

MyMESS at SCA 2019
MyMESS @ Comminuty Strata Australia

From humble beginnings, operating from a an old shed on a farm, MyMESS grew into an international provider of Advanced Electronic Security Solutions, at its peak employing to over 25 staff directly and an international team of licensed installation Engineers.

MyMESS a pioneer in the development of solar-powered remote CCTV infrastructure gaining several Government and Stadium contracts internationally.

Providing a single source, end to end remote & City-Wide CCTV solution.

Solar Security Trailer solution is a remote monitoring system that provides 360° surveillance in harsh, unprotected environments. The unit can operate in locations where there are a lack of fixed power and wired internet network.

Our all-in-one rapid deployment CCTV solution originated from a simple concept.

Once custom manufactured, our technology has advanced dramatically over the years, our internal development team have now partnered with OT Systems to manufacture lighter and more sustainable mobile CCTV units that can be deployed anywhere, anytime.

  • Designed for unprotected environment Mast top 6m, crystal clear 360° elevated view
  • Signage options available
  • 2-wheel single axle trailer

Our rapid deployment CCTV system is ideal for crowd monitoring in sporting or festival conditions, and other various Smart City applications with the help of additional sensors and detection.

Utilising a modular system design MyMESS makes the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information in the physical environment simple by using existing infrastructure.

Currently, our lightest model weighs only 40kg, and can be installed by single manpower. Equipped with a stable self-powered hardware, and state-of-the-art software, our Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution aims to solve today’s challenges facing security personnel.
  • Smart slim design for urban city
  • Light size and weight, single manpower operation
  • Mast top 4m, ideal for event zone monitoring
  • 4-wheel single cart with a real-time monitor

Our latest generation in Remote & City-Wide CCTV solutions takes advances in CCTV hardware technology from our partners and couples our extensive experience in developing power solutions for the harsh Australian conditions.

In a first for Remote City Wide CCTV solutions, all of our units are fitted as standard with lightning arresting capabilities protecting your asset from mother nature.

Our Smart Power Circuit (SPC) is backed by a proven double insulated Occasional Power Supply (OPS) or Solar Power Supply (SPS) modules creating a flexible approach to modern remote CCTV.

Our OPS offers both over and under-voltage protection and Earth leakage safety circuits to provide hospital levels of electrical safety. As required in any public space.

In addition, the OPS will provide charge to an internal battery during night time hours when the street lighting or night time lighting circuits are activated.

The Dahua PFA CCTV housing incorporates a sleek new design with all major system components included in the housing and CCTV Camera mounting locations of both sides and PTZ mounting options for the front of the unit incorporating the latest generation CCTV cameras from Dahua.

Further, this solution can be deployed as the main isolation device, providing double insulated (no earth required) electrical isolation and fault protection.

· Satisfy the installation of power supply, switch, MNVR and protective devices
· Optional fans for high-temperature heat dissipation
· Tamper alarm function with an optional alarm switch
· Aesthetic design, easy installation

With over 15 year’s experience MyMESS have been involved in the successful delivery of Security, Intercom and CCTV projects for Universities, Corporations, and Private organisations, Government, Local, State, County and Federal. including but not limited to;

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