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Networks are getting ever more complex and secure borders are ever harder to define.

Vulnerability in network security is not just a matter of poor system design or configuration. Nor is a successful attack solely the work of an enterprising hacker or a lucky cast by a phisher. Often weaknesses in IT security are the result of simple mistakes.

Some of the mistakes electronic security installers and integrators sometimes make that compromise customer security networks include:

1: Connecting systems to the Internet before they’ve been adequately hardened
2: Connecting test systems, subnets and devices to the Internet with default accounts and/or passwords
3: Failing to update systems after security holes are discovered
4: Employing weak protocols with no encryption to manage structural fundamentals like routers, firewalls and authentication applications
5: Giving passwords over the phone, via email, or changing user passwords in response to telephone or personal requests when the caller is not authenticated
6: Failure to maintain and test backups
7: Running unnecessary (usually default) services on networks that don’t need them
8: Implementing firewalls with rules that don’t stop malicious or dangerous traffic passing inward or outward, or that don’t notify admin of events
9: Failure to implement/update virus scanning software everywhere it might be required
10: Failure to educate end users on what to look for and what action to take when confronted by a possible network security weakness.

The top mistakes committed by management in relation to networks supporting security solutions include:

1: Assigning untrained people to implement and maintain network security, and/or failing to provide training and time to learn the role
2: Failing to understand the relationship of information/network security and the business problem – or understanding the business problem but not seeing the consequences of poor IT security
3: Failing to deal with the operational aspects of security – making a few fixes and then not allowing the follow-through necessary to ensure the problems stay fixed
4: Relying primarily on a firewall – or an air gap – not on proactive procedures and solutions
5: Failing to realise how much money data security and organisational reputation is worth
6: Authorising reactive, short-term fixes so problems re-emerge rapidly
7: Pretending/hoping the problem will go away if it’s ignored.

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Tactical Releases Aussie-Made TPS13-3.5DC Switchmode Power Supply

Tactical Power Products have released the Australian-made TPS13-3.5DC 13.5Vdc 3.5A Switchmode power supply which is specifically suited for the access control and alarm installations.

Featuring heavy-duty aluminium construction, which offers excellent heatsinking, the power supply is equipped with features that include 13.5vdc 3.5A Continuous output, a battery charger delivering 13-5vdc at 300mA, AC present signal via green LED, AC fail via an SPDT relay, and low battery signal via SPDT relay and red LED indication. There’s red LED for reverse battery, fuse failure signaled by red LED, current limit and short circuit protection, and operating temperature between 0-40C.

This power supply has been tested by Austest Laboratories a leading Australian NATA accredited laboratory and fully complies with AS/NZS60950.1:2015 electrical safety and AS/NZSCISPR32:2015 EMC, with a certificate of compliance issued by SAA Approvals: SAA 203368-EA

Browse our full range of Tactical Powersupplies at great prices

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Wisenet X PTZ PLUS with AI Auto Tracking

Wisenet PTZ units are upto 65% lighter than most PTZ domes for easy & safe installation

Compact and approximately 65% lighter than most PTZ domes, the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras can be quickly and easily deployed, requiring engineers during a first fix to just ‘match 3 points and twist’. This conveniently enables them to tighten screws without having to hold onto the camera.

Installer Friendly

Unlike conventional PTZ cameras which require up to 5 separate cables, the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS only needs a single RJ45 cable to operate and this is installed with a flexible bush to ensure the camera is waterproof.

AI Auto Tracking

Wisenet offers object (person or vehicle) auto tracking based on AI deep-learning algorithm.

Exceptional Image Quality

Wisenet offers remarkable image quality for clearer and more detailed video with new in-house developed 30x/40x zoom lens.

Adaptive IR Technology

Wisenet offers optimized IR at every zoom ratio with monitoring in complete darkness up to 200m with Wise IR.

Built-in Wipers

Wisenet offers built-in wipers remove rain, sleet or snow and then activate a heater on the lens to dry any residual water.