Electrical – Inspection & Testing

What is a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)?

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is an electrical test on the condition of the electrical wiring, installations and electrical connections such as accessories light switches and electric sockets within a property.

The electrical installation – such as the wiring in a house – is tested against current electrical safety standards. The report lists any faults, possible concerns, and potential problems that need further investigation. The PIR report also provides a timescale of urgency on which action should be taken. The electrical test itself does not attempt to repair any of problems that maybe highlighted. The report can be used to decide whether to budget for any remedial works or additional investigation.

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) may be recommended every year or every 2 to 5 years depending on the age, use and condition of the building.

Cost of a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)

The cost of a PIR in a commercial premises will depend on: the size of premises, number of electrical circuits, condition of the circuits, presence and accuracy of circuit labelling, documentation of circuit amendments over time, ease of access for our engineers to visit and test (which will require us to isolate power to circuitry). For an accurate estimate we will visit your premises and conduct a survey.

The cost of a PIR for a domestic property depends on the number of rooms and size of the installation. Time is the factor with regard to cost of the inspection. Each circuit needs to be investigated and tested.

Most premises will fail an electrical (PIR)

Please be aware that unless you have recently installed your electrical system or perform periodic remedial work on your electrical system, most premises are unlikely to pass modern safety standards. Many electricians and electrical companies will use this fact to give you a ‘Free’ survey. They are confident in the knowledge that the report will highlight problems with the electrics that will then have the opportunity to repair and charge for. 

We only perform independent electrical tests and reports, providing you with a report of works necessary, that can then be used to obtain a quote from an electrician or electrical company to perform the work.

Why would I want a Visual Electrical Inspection?

If you purchasing a new flat or house, you may find a Visual Electrical Inspection helpful. This report can give you a reasonable indication of the state of the electrical system in the property. 

This may help you make an informed decision on whether to purchase the property or whether to negotiate for a discount! It can save the expense of a full electrical safety certificate and inspection, which is a far more expensive and time consuming process.