IoT technology – CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

An international provider of electronic security solutions, MyMESS Monitoring Solutions are powered by state of the art monitoring infrastructure, professional quality control and response procedures that can be relied upon to deliver..

Rapid and flexible response and service

Utilising the latest technology, MyMESS-MS offer a unique monitoring solution, We access multiple A1 graded control rooms ensuring full conformance to all local standards. This fragmentation of control rooms allows for highly advanced security redundancy systems. Built on the capability and capacity of some of the largest monitoring bureaus in each state, region or country.

Highly advanced security redundancy systems

Our commitment to ongoing research and development in technology originated with our fledgling wireless solar CCTV offering, maybe not the best idea in Cornwall. As new data transmission technology has emerged GPRS has been superseded by 3G,4G and now 5G has allowed for the development of new products, more advanced services and better security outcomes.