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See what you’ve been missing

When combined with Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ software, our broad range of megapixel cameras deliver high quality imaging with maximum coverage.

Maximum clarity. Minimum bandwidth.

High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology preserves video image integrity while intelligently managing bandwidth.

Smart, intuitive, and easy to use

Find scene changes, missing objects and events with ACC™ software. It gives you full control over video playback, so you can quickly retrieve evidence.

Your pick of surveillance cameras

Avigilon offers a broad range of megapixel cameras — from 1 MP to 7K (30 MP) — that deliver clear image quality.

Our solutions get along with everyone

ACC software works with your existing access control, intercom, external alarms, and POS systems. And our cameras work with other VMS platforms.

Avigilon systems grow with you

You can add Avigilon security cameras with almost no increase in bandwidth, servers, or hardware. We scale with you, so you can invest in what matters most to your business.

A Smarter Way to Monitor Video

powerful software doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software gives you control over your workstation with a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls, and customizable features that improve multi-person interactions. ACC™ 7 offers both light and dark themes, with colors specifically chosen to reduce eye strain in dark environments, such as video surveillance control rooms.

Powered by AI for Fast and Efficient Search

ACC™ leverages advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics, including Appearance Search™ technology and Unusual Motion Detection technology, to help you quickly detect, verify and act on events.

The bookmark, event, alarm and thumbnail search options in ACC are designed to enhance the way you interact with your systems, dramatically improve event response times and help make video actionable.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) analytics

new LPR analytics technology features highly-accurate license plate capture, identification, and search for fast vehicle identification.

Remote Viewing from Any Device

ACC Mobile 3 offers superior preventative protection and lets you monitor live and recorded video over wireless IP networks from the convenience of your Apple or Android mobile device.

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Software Editions


Entry-level software provides video security capabilities and ease-of-use for smaller businesses.

Cost-effective security solution that meets the vital and focused needs of mid-size operations.


Advanced features to make it a powerful, open platform for large-scale video security needs.
Cameras per server2475>300*
Cameras per site2475>10 000*
Servers per site11>100*
Client licenses per server210Unlimited
Rule triggers051Unlimited
High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology supportYesYesYes
HDSM SmartCodec™ technology supportYesYesYes
Dual Streaming for ONVIF compliant camerasYesYesYes
* Although no limits are imposed by licensing, actual limits will depend on the hardware environment. Avigilon has tested up to the numbers indicated.
Automatic device discoveryYesYesYes
H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, JPEG2000 video compressionYesYesYes
Third-party IP cameras & encodersYesYesYes
ONVIF compliant cameras & encodersYesYesYes
H4A cameras with self-learning video analyticsYesYesYes
H4 Video IntercomYesYesYes
H4 Multisensor, H4 PTZ, H4 IR PTZ, H4 Fisheye, H4 SL, H4 Mini Dome, H4 ES & H4 Thermal camerasYesYesYes
Avigilon H3, HD & earlier camerasYesYesYes
Avigilon Presence Detector (APD)YesYesYes
Avigilon encodersYesYesYes
H4 Pro CamerasYes
Avigilon AI ApplianceYes
Self-learning video analytics & Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) overlaysYesYesYes
Joystick supportYesYesYes
ACC Mobile 3 app / Web Endpoint including mobile alarm notificationsYesYesYes
Two-factor authentication(2FA)YesYesYes
Password strength meterYesYesYes
Editable Site ViewYesYesYes
Multi-camera export(optional password protection)YesYesYes
Hourly configurable recording scheduleYesYesYes
Saved viewsYesYes
Maps with configurable icons & camera thumbnail previewsYesYes
Integrated web page bookmarking and displayYesYes
Focus of Attention interfaceYes
Active Directory importYes
Windows user authenticationYes
Intelligent Virtual MatrixYes
Collaborative investigationsYes
Multi-camera privacy blurred export from Avigilon Appearance Search™ resultsYes
UMD timeline filtering with Skip PlayYesYesYes
Intelligent motion searchYesYesYes
Thumbnail searchYesYesYes
Event searchYesYesYes
Point-of-sale (POS) transaction searchYesYes
Avigilon Appearance Search™ technologyYes
Alarm searchYes
License plate event searchYes
POS transaction engineYesYes
Avigilon developed & supported integrationsYes*Yes
Third party system integrationsYesYes
* CommScope iPatch, RS2 AccessIt, DDS Aamadeus 5, and DSX only
ACM™ system door & panel input event triggersYesYes
ACM system door access grantsYesYes
ACM system shared operator accessYesYes
ACM Identity VerificationYesYes
ACM Identity SearchYesYes
System & motion event e-mail event notificationsYesYesYes
Two person authenticated recorded video viewingYesYesYes
Camera replacementYesYesYes
Central station notifications including ANSI/SIA DC-09-2013YesYes
Digital input email triggerYesYes
Manual digital output triggerYesYes
Audio recording & outputYesYes
APD event triggerYesYes
Self-learning video analytics event configurationYesYes
Camera standby / privacy modeYesYes
Avigilon AI Appliance analytics configurationYes
Redundant recordingYes
Failover connectionsYes
ACC Client alarm notifications and escalationYes
One-time Video ArchiveYes
Tiered Storage Management with Continuous ArchiveYes
License Plate Recognition with multiple match listsYes