IoT technology – CCTV & Camera Solutions

MyMESS offers a wide range of CCTV systems from leading manufacturers such as:


No matter what your budget or needs we will tailor a CCTV solution to suit your required level of security, location and existing infrastructure.

The applications for Video Surveillance systems are constantly expanding:

Security cameras – can be integrated with access control systems to allow access simply by using a staff members face or other biometric data. CCTV cameras can be programmed to automatically pop up and draw focus on a specific door as it is activated by an access control reader or alarm input.

Specialty systems – may include automatic video guard tours with multiple preset positions, large Security consoles for monitoring activity or a very simple two camera system for monitoring entrances.

Additionally, facility & strata managers are using Distributed Video Management Solutions (DVMS) to monitor multiple strata buildings, remote manufacturing and production processes.

These systems can also be used for the management of staff and customers, staff training and compliance, WH&S safety requirements and other purposes.

Regardless of the application it is important that the camera components meet the application requirements.

Video Surveillance equipment is generally selected on the basis of lines of resolution (the ability to see detail), low light capability (LUX), Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) the ability to differentiate between differing light conditions within a single frame, lens zoom requirements and price.

We bring considerable experience and expertise to designing and installation of highly sophisticated CCTV systems with multiple cameras, large guard station consoles, computer-controlled high-speed Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, Licence plate & facial recognition & other specialty cameras including: heat map, object left too long and of course covert CCTV applications.

We offer CCTV systems in two general categories – Both include the latest breakthrough advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Analog Video Surveillance & Recording
A Digital Video Recorder has superseded the old method of VCR recording.

Images are digitally recorded to a hard drive according to predetermined settings such as motion detection while simultaneously allowing playback, search and archiving.

Most Digital Video Recorders are networkable and easily integrate with other security equipment. With many product options in the marketplace we can recommend the best system to suit your needs.

IP Video Surveillance
Network video offers more ways to secure access to video than can be provided by an Analog Video Surveillance system. It has opened a world of possibilities by using existing network infrastructure without compromising network integrity.

Passwords can be used to limit access and video can be encrypted before being sent over the network to make sure it cannot be viewed or tampered with. The system can also be set up to authenticate the connection using encrypted certificates that only accept a specific network video device, eliminating the likely possibility of anyone hacking into the system.