IoT technology – CCTV – Dahua – Smart PSS

Smart Professional Surveillance System

SmartPSS is an all-in-one, full-featured video surveillance application that is ideal for the small to mid-size business that needs to monitor people, premises, and assets. SmartPSS integrates all Dahua network cameras and storage devices into one intuitive, easy to use interface. The software provides efficient device management, video monitoring and playback, alarm and analytic configuration, as well as video wall setup and preview.

  • Efficient Device Management
  • Manage up to 256 Devices over a Maximum of 2000 Channels
  • Manage Access, Video Intercom, and Time and Attendance Devices
  • Supports H.265 and H.264 Dual Video Compression Codecs
  • Live Video Monitoring and Playback
  • Configure Video Wall Layout and Scheme
  • Configure NVR Recording
  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Intelligent Video System (IVS) with People Counting and Heat Map


SmartPSS makes it easy to add devices to the management interface.
The application offers device search and batch add functionality to quickly add devices on a network. Once added, SmartPSS provides an interface to configure the network parameters, camera video and audio settings, and live and playback display options.

Smart Track

SmartPSS offers the ability to link a fisheye camera or a fixed camera to a PTZ Dome camera for enhanced surveillance operation. The software allows an operator to define a rule (tripwire, zone, loitering, etc.) in the
panoramic fisheye or fixed-camera scene that triggers the linked PTZ dome to move to the position of the alarm and to track the object.

Fisheye Camera Support

SmartPSS features full support for Dahua Fisheye cameras. The software supports options for the Fisheye camera installation and eight (8) dewarp modes. Dewarping solves the problem of distortion in the circular panoramic view in both live or playback modes.