Bticino 346310 2 Wire Colour Switchboard S3452A



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Bticino 346310 2 Wire Colour Switchboard:Switchboard for 2 WIRE audio and video systems Allows access to various services (video door entry functions, door lock/staircase light management and apartment alarm monitoring) directly from the keypad or via the intuitive icon menu. The switchboard is supplied with an integrated table supporting frame and also features a 7 colour LCD display, receiver and speaker phone, dedicated keys for the main functions and keys which can be configured. The programming can be carried out directly from the device or via PC with TiSwitchBoardDevice software (supplied). The device can manage the phonics of the riser EP (i.e. wired downstream of interface 346851); it cannot however manage the apartment EP (i.e. wired downstream of interface 346850). The use of an additional power supply is recommended.It is possible to connect up to a max. of 16 switchboards (configured from 0 to 15).WARNING: the switchboard cannot be used in systems with 2 WIRE-IP interface 346890. The new HIERARCHICAL mode is available only with the entrance panels of the following series: Sfera New, Linea 100, Minisfera, Linea 300.Also check that:351000 production week =/> 16W18351100, 351200 & 351300 Firmware =/> 01.02.31346851 production week =/> 16W28

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