Bticino 346870 Video Amplifier for 2 WIRE system S1242



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Bticino 346870 Video Amplifier for 2 WIRE system: The line amplifier is an accessory device that in 2 WIRE video systems using non-twisted cables (with section 0.28 mm2) can be used to increase the distance between the entrance panel and the furthest handset from 50 m to 100 m max.The device must be installed at the 50th metre distance from the entrance panel. If it is installed before the 50th metre, an image distortion will occur, while if it is installed after it will not bring any advantages.The amplifier offers the following advantages: It MUST not be configured, it must not be powered, and due to its compact size it can be installed in a round box.On the new riser line generated by the amplifier it will be possible to install up to 18 handsets (maximum), including audio and video handsets.

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