HDMI Extender Over Single 50m CAT6A/7 Network Cable, 1080p, HDCP, 5VDC (CSD-LKV372EDID)



Product Description
The CSD-LKV372EDID HDMI extender is used in the transmission of uncompressed full HD 1080p HDMI signal via CAT6/6A/7 network cable, the transmission distance can go up to 50 meters with zero latency. An EDID switch helps to set the necessary HDMI signal format as well as supporting PoE for powering the receiver. This HDMI Extender easily supports IR passback for remote control source devices.

Product Features
Supports up to full HD 1080p resolution
Transmission distance up to 50 meters
Supports CAT6A/7 use for longer transmission distance
Uncompressed and zero latency
Includes EDID switch for setting HDMI signal format
Support POE to power the receiver from transmitter
Support IR passback for remote control source device from receiver site easily
Plug and play, without installation

Product Specifications
HDMI signal: HDMI1.4a
Transmission distance: Full HD resolution 1080p at 50Hz up to 40 meters via cat6 cable
Supports 20 – 60kHz wide frequency IR remote control
EDID: Supports EDID setting function
Audio format: PCM, AC3, DTS
Working temperature: 0C – 60C
Power supply: 5V2A
Power consumption: TX: 3W, RX: 3W
Product dimensions: 71.6(L)×66.9(W)×22.6(H)mm
Weight: TX:70g RX: 70g
Colour: Black