HID MIFARE Contactless Smart Adhesive Tag 4K Memory (HID-1445)



Product Description
HID’s innovative FlexSmart MIFARE Adhesive Tag can turn a plastic ID badge into a MIFARE credential. Effortlessly upgrade from prox, magstripe or barium ferrite technology by simply attaching the small, circular MIFARE Tag to your existing card. The MIFARE Adhesive Tag will also adhere to any non-metallic device, such as a cell phone or PDA, to instantly create a contactless smartcard.
HID’s FlexSmart MIFARE Adhesive Tag is ideal for diverse applications such as access control, cashless vending, public transportation, corporate and campus applications, event ticketing, customer loyalty and photo ID cards.

Product Features
High Security – MIFARE technology ensures mutual authentication, data encryption and unique 32-bit serial number
Offers an extremely consistent read range. Use is unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins
Fast Processing and Data Communication – Transaction times are less than 100 milliseconds for a typical secure ticketing transaction
Cost Effective – The benefits of contactless smart cards without the cost of rebadging
Conveniently attachable to any ID card or other non-metallic device

Product Specifications
Read Range: Up to 5cm
Dimensions: 3.26 cm dia x .18 cm