Integriti Modbus High-Level Interface (one per controller only)

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The interface supports the following Modbus entities: Coils, Discrete Inputs, Input Registers and Holding Registers.
Automation points in Integriti are used as part of the Modbus integration to map Integriti entities to Modbus entities (e.g. Modbus Coils).
The Modbus communications task scans over the Integriti entities used within the Automation Points for changes of state and subsequently updates the Modbus system.
The Modbus communications task also processes incoming messages from Modbus and can update the state of Integriti entities.

Note: The Controller must be fitted with a smart card and the licences 996228M and 996026 must be procured for each Controller that requires the Modbus interface. – IR-996228M

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