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RightCrowd Visitor Essentials

Visitor Essentials delivers end-to-end visitor management processes including:

An intuitive and easy to use visitor management interface that presents the status of all visitors due to arrive, that have arrived, or are overdue to exit.
The ability to pre-register visitors via a workflow form or bulk upload form, with an optional approval process
A visitor kiosk for streamlined entry and exit processes.

RightCrowd Workforce Essentials

Workforce Essentials delivers all the functionality of Visitor Essentials plus employee and contractor management processes including:

Access level change requests with an approval workflow process.
Ability to request and track tasks to be completed by authorised personnel. Examples might include requests to print a new badge or to create a new access level.
Automated competency, badge and access level expiry notifications.
Off-boarding/termination requests.
Certifications management that links training requirements to granting or denying access.
Safety and emergency management – real-time browser-based mustering.
Basic ID badging.
Alarm monitoring

RightCrowd Elements/Enterprise Deployment

RightCrowd Elements allows you to select only the modules you need to tailor a solution to your specific requirements.
RightCrowd can be purchased as a fully-scalable product called RightCrowd Enterprise.
Contact your CSD Branch to discuss your Elements or Enterprise requirements with an Account Manager. – IR-996962

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