Quality Policy

MyMESS have developed and maintain compliant quality management systems in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations and the relevant legislation for countries of operation.

MyMESS Quality Management Systems, are in alignment with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, and other relevant standards, and codes of practice. MyMESS works with our teams to continuously improve our “quality management culture’.

Policy Statement

This policy applies to all of our divisions throughout the organisation. MyMESS PTY. LTD. will consistently provide products and services that meet, or exceed, the requirements and expectations of our customers. We are committed to comply with our quality management system and actively pursue ever-improving quality through programs that improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

MyMESS Quality Mission Statement

Our mission is to reliably meet service levels and continually improve the appropriateness, efficiency, effectiveness and timeliness of those services.


MyMESS carries out management review meetings to establish and review the appropriateness, suitability and purpose of the company’s quality objectives.


MyMESS Quality Objectives are:

  • To provide service advice and information that is relevant and cost effective to our clients.
  • To treat each client with professional ethics and “best practice management”.
  • To continually improve the quality of our management and services provided to our clients.
  • To understand and improve the business capacity of our clients.
  • To continue our own professional development to deliver contemporary services.
  • To provide products and services that are competitive.
  • To continually monitor and assess the provision of products and services to our clients.
  • To meet and where possible exceed our clients expectations.
  • To ensure company policies and procedures are communicated and understood by all employees.


All MyMESS employees, consultants, contractors & subcontractors will, where applicable, actively participate in the Quality Management System implementation to ensure the success of this system.


This policy applies to all MyMESS Group employees, consultants, contractors and subcontractors and shall be reviewed at least annually.


  • Non Conformance Reports Issued (NCR’s).
  • Customer or client complaints.
  • Internal & external audits.
  • Management review meetings Data analysis.