MyMESS.Online are your single solution provider for all Electronic Security, Alarm, Access Control, Intercom, Electronic locking, Wireless locking, CCTV, LED lighting, Solar Power, Low Voltage Power Supplies, Extra Low Voltage Power Supplies, SELV Power Supplies, PLEV Power Supplies, Relays, Timers, Battery, UPS, Data Racks, Ducted Vacuum, Conduit, Ducting, Cable, Drill bits, Hand-tools, Hole-saws, Countersinks, Taps, Dies, Saws, Power tools, Ladders, Personal Protective Safety Equipment, Tools, Networking, WiFi, Fibre optic, Hardware & Home Automation. 

Don’t know where to start on your new CCTV, alarm, intercom or access control project?

At MyMESS.Online pride ourselves on offering our clients truly unbiased advice, reliable support, service, and maintenance solutions. MyMESS.Online offers a Takeoff and Design service and are equipped to handle large volume project inquiries.

MyMESS.Online have over 15 years of experience as an Electronic Security Contractor, designing comprehensive Security Solutions in varying environments and settings. MyMESS.Online also offers a Secure by Design service for all Electronic Security Solutions, see our about page for more information.


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