Structured Cabling Solutions

At the core of any modern Security network is a lives a structured cable data network.

With the onset of Digital CCTV, Access Control, Intercom and Alarm Solutions, the move away from centrally monitored connections towards self monitored solutions. Security solution providers need to integrate with existing Structured cable networks and those who manage them.

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MyMESS works to IEEE standards and applicable local legislation to ensure work of the highest quality.

Structured cableing including but not limited to;

  • Installation and maintenance
  • Network Design
  • Voice Cabling
  • CCTV Wiring
  • Structured cabling;
    • Copper
      • Level 2e – Cat 5e 100Mhz – up to1,000Mb/s,
      • Level 3 – Cat 6 250 Mhz – up to 4,000Mb/s,
      • Level – 3e – Cat 6a 500 Mhz – up to 10,000Mb/s,
      • Level – 4 – Cat 7 600 Mhz, – up to 10,000Mb/s,
      • Level – 5 – Cat 7a 1000 Mhz. – up to 40,000Mb/s,
    • Optic
      • Multi mode 850 & 1300 nm
        • OM-1
        • OM-2
        • OM-3
        • OM-4
      • Single mode 1310 & 1550 nm
      • OS-1
      • OS-2
  • Data canter Design
  • Server cabinet design and installation
  • Wireless Set up
  • Access Point Installation
  • Testing

MyMESS have Fibe Optic and Microwave experience to ensure smooth transition and role out of smart IoT solutions and wireless networks.

Many things need to be considered when designing a wireless network in order to ensure full functionality and overall reliability. Physical barriers and environmental factors are contributing factors to reducing the effectiveness of your wireless network, an office constructed from brick will usually require more access points as opposed to one built from wood and drywall.

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Additionally, the location of water pipes, electrical wires, other buildings, trees, other wireless networks or microwaves can have a large effect on the strength and consistency of your network and are usually a strong influencing factor of where your access points can and should be.

We ensure that all components are tested and working flawlessly.

Through rigorous planning of a wireless or optical network, like any other major infrastructure project this requires careful pre-planning to allow you to achieve a network that is not only stable and functioning now, but has the ability to support your data bandwidth needs as they grow.

At MyMESS we want to help you solve these logistical challenges before they ever have a chance to become problems.