Subcontractor Management Plan

The Subcontractor Management Plan outlines the relationship between the contractors and the methods by which MyMESS PTY. LTD. As the prime contractor will assure the production of quality deliverables from each of its subcontractors, and assure the development of long-term business relationships between the Companies.


MyMESS and all subcontractors to MyMESS will adhere to the approach outlined in this document.


The approach to managing the subcontractors is based on the following guiding principles:

  1. a Project Office will be established to effectively support the needs of the


  1. effective channels of communications will be clearly defined and established,
  2. a Statement of Work will be developed jointly by the team, with each subcontractor

taking responsibility for the deliverables and services outlined in its areas of responsibility,

  1. each subcontractor will have its responsibilities and authorities clearly defined in the Statement of Work,
  2. each subcontractor will have its deliverables identified and required content clearly

specified in the Statement of Work,

  1. each subcontractor will have the services it is responsible for providing, clearly identified and described in the Statement of Work,
  2. all constraints imposed on the subcontractor will be clearly identified in the Statement of Work, including schedule and budget constraints,
  3. each subcontractor will have requirements for quality clearly identified to it in the

Statement of Work, including the requirement to allow independent quality inspections of materials and processes,

  1. all products and services provided by the subcontractor will be subject to the acceptance of MYMESS and the subcontractor,
  2. each subcontract will contain appropriate terms and conditions,
  3. adequate facilities will be provided to meet the needs of the subcontractors, and
  4. the prime contractor will support subcontractors in processing invoices and payments, subject to the invoices being delivered to MyMESS in an acceptable format for consolidation and remittance to the subcontractor.

To this end, MyMESS will establish format requirements for invoices.