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A new integration between Sine and Integriti provides a range of benefits for Integriti users, including the ability to improve safety, security, and compliance for their visitors, contractors, staff, and assets.

Sine is a web-based visitor management system that offers registration of visitors and contractors through any web browser or other device with the Sine APP installed. This means it is accessible on iPads, iPhones, and various android devices.

Bringing visitor management platforms into the Integriti ecosystem complements the advanced access control and intruder functions that Integriti offers. It also lets Sine access other systems within the Integriti ecosystem such as electronic key lockers, which allows contractors to be automatically granted access to physical keys.

A standard scenario will see an employee book their visitor through the Sine web portal. After the visitor arrives and checks in, the details of the visit will be passed to Integriti, which is where the real work begins. On receiving the information from Sine, Integriti creates a user, then assigns permissions based on the purpose and scope of the visit.

This could be as simple as giving them access to a single access control barrier for a specific amount of time, or as complex as giving access to multiple doors and elevators that change throughout the day such as access to only Building 1, level 5 until 11am and then access to only Building 3, level 26, between 11am and 1pm.

Upon expiration of the visit, the issued credential, such as an access card or tag, can be suspended for cases where it is to be used again, such as in the case of a regular contractor’s card, or it can be deleted if it was for a one-time visitor. This process can be initiated by Integriti or alternatively from the Sine platform.